Academic record

University: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Degree: Informatics Engineering Degree

Mention: Computer Science

Mark Meaning
H [9, 10] with honors
A [9, 10]
B+ [8, 9)
B [7, 8)
R Recognized
TBD To be determined
Subject Mark
English I R
English II R
Fundamentals of Programming R
Software Engineering B+ 8.4
Communication Skills for ICT Professionals B+ 8.7
Algebra B 7.4
Fundamentals of Computers B 7.7
Object-Oriented Programming A 9.0
Web-Based Teamwork A 9.6
Computer Structure A 9.2
Logic H 9.9
Programming in Practice B+ 8.2
Mathematical Analysis B 7.0
Statistics A 9.9
Graphs and Complexity B+ 8.0
Introduction to Databases B+ 8.3
Administration and Management of Organizations A 9.0
Software Design Patterns B+ 8.5
Physical Fundamentals of Computer Science B 7.4
Distributed Systems A 9.3
Networks and Internet Applications A 9.7
Human-Computer Interaction H 10.0
Requirements Engineering H 10.0
Design of Data Structures H 9.5
Database Design B+ 8.8
Artificial Intelligence A 9.0
Software Engineering of Components and Distributed Systems H 9.7
Machine Learning H 9.8
Automata and Grammars A 9.8
Cryptography H 10.0
Projects Management B+ 8.3
Software Development Project TBD
Compilers TBD
Data Mining TBD
Network and System Administration TBD
Representation of Knowledge TBD
Bachelor's Degree Final Project TBD